Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Xmas Chalkboard Tags

 When my kids were younger and didn't appreciate handmade tags (they probably still don't), I recycled our family Xmas tags...they didn't notice or care. Hahaha!  The blank chalkboard tags that I found at HM Ben Franklin Crafts seemed like a clever solution to reuse tags.
I used ready made Feltie (Darice) decorations and mini garlands to decorate these card stock tags.
Here is a close -up of the way I used a pipe cleaner to attach the chalk (half a stick) to the tag so that the recipient would have it handy to rewrite a name or message.
Even the penguins were totally finished except for gluing on the cap....so easy!
 These wooden chalkboard tags cost more than the paper ones, but they are sturdier and easier to erase.
This one has a simple decoration of a miniature holly pick with the stem removed.
BFC has loads of miniature ornaments (Darice and Cousins) which look sweet on a tag.
I made a chalk holder on the back of the tag by gluing on a pipe cleaner coil.
These chalkboard tags could also make charming tree decorations.  I think teachers could make these as projects for the students to take home.  I recommend using Beacon 3 in 1 glue instead of a hot glue gun for safety reasons.  This glue dries very quickly and remains clear.  Even at Xmas time it's good to remember recycling. Happy Holidays!

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