Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Thank You Card Sets in a Jar

 Here are the resin charms I made to match the stenciled dot thank you card sets.  I used the twisted rectangle silicon mold sold at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  I happened to have a package of dots that I think someone gave me as a freebie for purchasing some craft items.  You could probably just use a small paper punch to make your own paper dots or find some candy sprinkles.  I used LED resin to slowly fill the mold and gradually added the dots.  With a LED light (sold at HM Ben Franklin Crafts) I was able to set the resin in about a minute.  Next I added a bail (from HM BFC) with a dab of resin hardened with the LED light. 
 I purchased from Daiso some large ziplock bags that looked like corked glass jars (3 for $1.50).  I thought the thank you card sets would look great in the jar bags...sort of like candy in a jar.  I tied on some skinny ribbon (from Daiso too...only $1.50 for a roll of many colors).  The dot charms were added to complete the gifts.  I really like how these gifts turned out and can't wait to mail them out.  Isn't it amazing how a little imagination can craft something unique for very little cost?


yyam said...

Great idea! These are sooooo cute!

Ellibelle said...

Those charms look so cute and love how well they match the card set. And love the shape of those baggies!