Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Gemstone Chain Bracelets

I felt like making a new bracelet for myself as a reward for obeying the quarantine rules.  Here are four that I created.  Top row:1) chrysoprase, pearls and sterling silver parts, 2) rutilated quartz, pearls and sterling silver parts Bottom row: labrodorite, pearls and gold filled parts, 2) semi-precious gemstone chains, pearls and sterling silver parts.  Click on the photo to see the bracelets close up.  Guess which one I'm keeping?  Which one do you like? The three extra ones will go into my locker box when HM Ben Franklin Crafts opens for business....soon? They are open now!!!!  Let's go shopping!

P.S. Two readers picked the green bracelet as the one I kept for myself, but I chose the gold one.


yyam said...

They are pretty!
Hmmmm...the green one?

Annette Allen said...

I see you are keeping busy... these bracelets are so pretty.

Annette Allen said...

opps forgot to say.. i think you kept the green one..