Friday, May 8, 2009

40% Off Coupon Weekend

It's been a very uncreative week for me because of a cold that is not horrible but very tiring. No, I don't think it is swine flu (also known by the politically correct name 'H1N1 virus'). Despite the lack of anything to blog, I felt I needed to remind you to use the Ben Franklin Crafts 40% off coupon (for one non-sale item) this weekend. The coupon was in the Ben Franklin Crafts sale flyer that came in the local newspaper. Also, if you haven't visited our craft website ( recently, please take the time to read the latest newsletter. Because we realize that website readers don't care to read pages and pages of information, we are trying to offer the newsletter in a modified form more often. This portion of issue #37 is about jewelry making. Included in this newsletter is a project that you might like to make for Mother's Day (Don't forget it's this Sunday!). I'm almost over my cold so I'll try to get some graduation projects going for this blog site.

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