Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eat Oatmeal

I've eaten oatmeal for three mornings in a row. It's healthy but I'm really trying to empty out the cylinder shaped box so that I can use it for a project. Crafting and recycling just seem to go hand in hand. Check back for an update of what I create with the box.
Have you ever noticed that you can rarely ever find a scrap of paper in your purse when you need to write something down? I've seen the cute note pads with magnetic closures selling near cash registers but I think that they are too big for my little/crowded purse and I'm always afraid the magnets will erase something on my credit cards. Anyway, I've designed a mini Post-it note pad for my purse and I thought you might like to make one too (or several for party favors, co-workers, special tips, etc.). I started with the Sizzix die cutter for the small bag with the scallop edged flap. I cut out only the main piece (center of the bag) from a printed Basic Grey card stock. I measured 8-1/4" from the scalloped edge and cut off the rest of the piece. Next I wrapped the piece around a 2"x3" post-it note pad ignoring the fold lines on the die cut and creasing where necessary. (You can fold at approximately 1-1/2" (from the scalloped end), 3/8", 3", and 3/8" but the measurements will depend on the thickness of your post-it pad.) If you cannot find a 2"x3" Post-it pad you can easily use a ruler and craft knife to slice off 1" from a standard 3"x3" pad. Next I used the Hello Kitty Sizzlet cutter to do the Mimmy image with the purse (appropritate for a shopping list note pad). The dress and bow were cut from white core cardstock that was first impress with dots ( Sizzix birthday texture folder set) and then sanded. I find it easier to marker in the whiskers, glue small papers behind the eyes and nose and glue the purse, bow and dress to the main white Mimmy. (The Martha Stewart ballpoint tip glue pen works marvelously for gluing teeny tiny pieces.) Then the whole decorated Mimmy is run through a Xyron to make it into a sticker. After adhering the sticker I cut little squares of adhesive backed Velcro and attached them to the notepad cover to form a closure. I hope you try this project and have a happy week crafting.

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Jean said...

Very clever...what a cute idea!!