Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New products from Kodomo

(I wrote this post before seeing the latest Joy of Crafting, so I guess I should have asked Joy about the washi tape.) Recently while shopping at Ben Franklin Crafts I discovered two new products from Kodomo Inc. (a Japan based company). This company is now manufacturing small clear stamp sets. Most of them are Japanese themed sets and many have a block print look. My favorite ones are the detailed owl set and the cappuccino coffee set. Also from this company are washi tape sets. There are three complimentary colored tapes in a package. I'm not sure why this tape is called washi but it may be because it can be used on paper and repositioned easily without damaging the paper (which would make it useful to hold down stencils for embossing or coloring images). The tape is easily torn or cut and can be stamped with most inks. Because the tape is a bit slick the ink takes a while to dry, but you can hurry it along with a heat gun. Shown here are two quickie cards I made using the washi tape and the Kodomo clear stamps. The words, "Hi', 'Friend', and 'Thinking of You' are from a Stampedous clear stamp set. I hope that you will try these new products because I'm sure that they will inspire your creativity.

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