Monday, May 11, 2009

Earrings in a Purse

Last week I saw a cute mini-purse box project on Martha Stewart's TV show. I thought it was the perfect box to enclose a some handmade earrings. The template was on the MS website, but I thought that I could adapt the Sizzix bag with a scallop flap. I did it and was very proud of my cleverness until I saw that there was a Sizzix die cutter for the very same project, a mini-purse box! Oh well, I guess great minds think alike ( lol). Anyway, the purse box I made did turn out sweet and is just right for the earrings. I used elliptical ear wires and champagne colored teardrop crystals (Imagine It) for the modern looking earrings. The crystals were attached with 26 gauge sterling wire in a figure 8 wire wrap method. Actually, the box took longer to make than the earrings. Next time I need a purse box, I will use the Sizzix die cutter I bought today with my 40% off coupon. What did you buy?

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Cheryl said...

Very pretty earrings Lynn! Someday I will have to make myself a pair. I missed the 40% off sale. I'll have to keep an eye out for next months sale.