Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back from Boston

Yes, it's been awhile since I last posted a blog entry. We flew all the way to Boston and boy, are my arms tired.....old joke! While in Boston I stopped at Faneuil Hall marketplace to eat and shop. Many years ago in B.K. (before kids) I discovered an outdoor cart selling rubberstamps in the same marketplace. That's where and when my obsession with rubberstamps truly took off. The maker of the rubberstamps was a small business called Inkadinkado. I still know which stamps I bought all those years ago.....a rabbit with a box of hearts and a bubble gum machine dispensing hearts. Anyway, the cart was not there anymore but I did find Inkadinkado clear stamp sets selling in a Boston craft store. I'm hoping to convince our Ben Franklin Crafts buyers to start ordering Inkadinkado rubber stamps again. Their new clear stamp sets are attractive and reasonably priced.
One of the clear stamp sets that I purchased was one with lots of animals/people saying funny birthday greetings. Since my sons are good humored and have birthdays coming up, I created the card in the photo. (I'm not sure which son will receive this card.) The blank card with the numbers is from a box set of 70 cards that I bought at Ben Franklin Crafts. Hanging the tag from the ribbon gives the card some movement. Embellishments could be added to the tag or ribbon to dress up the card and perhaps make it more suitable for a girl. Well, I'll start crafting and blogging more now that I've recovered from flying. Thanks for stopping by.

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