Saturday, July 18, 2009

Learn by Reading

From the amount of books and magazines about beading for sale, it seems that jewelry making continues to be an area of interest to crafters. Recently I purchased several magazines and books that I thought those of you reading this blog may find informative. Creative Jewelry and Wire Jewelry are two recent publications which contain a wealth of new designs and techniques for even a long time jewelry maker like me. Stampington and Company publishes a variety of crafting magazines with an artistic, somewhat funky look. I particularly like their Handcrafted issues because it contains innovative crafts with detailed instructions. I am constantly inspired by the high quality of the projects even the ones done in media with which I am not familiar.
Two books that I bought last night would make a good addition to your craft library too. Easy Beading vol. 5 is a collection of projects from the BeadStyle magazines. I sometimes miss an issue of their monthly magazine so this book is a good way to catch up and keep many good jewelry projects (with photos and instructions) all in one volume. The second book I purchased titled, Elements of Style, is a rather unique jewelry book. It contains mixed media beading projects involving crocheting and knitting with wire, fiber, and other surprising materials. Whether you locate and read these books or not, be sure that you continue to read about your favorite crafts and learn something new everyday.

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