Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Pie Die is Nice, But Give Me Cake!

Guess what I used my 40% off coupon for at Ben Franklin Crafts? Yup, I got the pie box Sizzix die cutter. I really think that it looks more like a piece of cake than pie, so I decorated the box to look like a yummy piece of birthday cake. For the fluffy part of the frosting I glued on silk hydrangea petals that I pulled off an old artificial stalk. Other flowers could be used such as some from the BFC wedding department or some made from Hearty Clay. I used white ART glitter glue and Martha Stewart white marble glitter for the top frosting. Printed border adhesive strip pad (DCVW) is a good source of paper that is pretty, fits the Sizzlet strip die cutters perfectly, and already has an adhesive backing. My favorite part of the project is the Sizzlet Hello Kitty (she was holding a balloon) holding a real birthday candle. The Fabri-Tac glue works well on this project because it is thick and bonds quickly. It might be nice to fill the box with triangular note cards or maybe use it as a party favor with candy and form a whole cake using several boxes in the center of the table. The cello bag in the background of the picture shows how you could use a foil baking cup and clear packaging to wrap the cake box for individual gift presentation.

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