Sunday, July 12, 2009

Earrings for the Girls

Okay, this is a test. How often do Regina and Carin look at this blog? I made earrings as gifts for our craft club staff who kept the office running while we were on vacation, and I've decided that the first one to see these earrings gets to choose the one she wants. The largest bead on each earring was purchased from a small bead shop that sold mostly ceramic beads. These beads which look and feel like polymer clay beads are supposedly from Greece. I think that if you want to make earrings like these you could easily make the main beads from polymer clay. The smaller glass beads and the semi-precious ones are from the Ben Franklin Crafts bead department as are the silver plated findings. I'll be waiting for a comment from Carin or Regina.....who will be the first to pick her gift?


Mykah said...

LOL! That's really nice, Lynn. Both of them are pretty. I call dibbs on the green ones...Heehee! Thank you for the ono dried mango too.

Carin said...

Hahaha!...since I was busy making address changes for CC members, that's how Regina got first dibbs. But, that's okay because they're BOTH really nice. And yes, thank you for the dried mango. It's all gone. Thank you for thinking of us!

Anonymous said...

Wow Carin & Regina no share the mango huh I feel the love guess I gota block the back door to your ofice lol I all J lol. these are so nice Lynn
{one Happy Crafter}