Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New England Autumn

We have friends in New England (Boston) who always treat us like family. Recently we visited them and I was surprised at how different the area looked compared to when we last saw them during the fall season. The landscape of red and yellow autumn leaves is a sight that I will never forget. During the summer the area looks lush and green like Hawaii. I wanted to make a simple necklace for Maureen as a thank you for being well......Maureen, so I looked through my bead stash and located three strands of autumn red beads....perfect. The bead strands were from the Imagine It line available at Ben Franklin Crafts. Because the strands are 8 inches I usually use them for bracelets or combine a couple of strands into a necklace. This time I put three assorted bead strands in the front and covered the ends with cones and connected the cones with a chain. It was a very simple project and could easily be adapted to whatever three strands suit your fancy. I will publish the instructions on the craft club website (

Oh I just discovered the followers symbol that tells me that someone is looking at my blog site. I don't know if I am supposed to do something. I wonder if other bloggers have left their names and being dense I didn't realize I was supposed to respond. Please excuse me if I seem rude but I am really just technically challenged. I am still trying to put up a profile and change my banner. Every once in awhile I try to leave a comment but I'm only successful some of the time and I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please be patient.....I'll figure it all out one day.

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