Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Pearl Necklace for Mom

Although my mom died many years ago, this pearl necklace is one that I would make for her if she were here. I absolutely loved the soft pink, grey, and white pearls when I saw the 18" strands at Ben Franklin Crafts. These pearls are not perfectly round but I think that adds to their charm and keeps the price reasonable. Learning to make a knotted pearl strand requires practice. The finished length of the necklace is 36" which makes it versatile to wear, as is, or wrapped twice around your neck. It is important to use the correct thickness of beading thread so that the knots will be large enough to not slip through the pearl holes. Also some threads require stretching and rubbing with beeswax. I used French wire over the parts of the thread that pass through the clasp to reduce abrasion on the thread. If you want to thrill your mom with a pearl necklace like this, consult basic pearl stringing instructions from a book or the internet. It should take only a few hours to make a mom pleaser pearl necklace.

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