Friday, March 23, 2018

Glass Nail File With Resin Bunny Topper

I wanted to add a little something handmade to a purchased Easter gift.  These nail files seemed to be the perfect thing to enclose since I already had a bunch of these pretty glass nail files from HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  (The nail files really work well even for shaving off rough edges on resin projects.)

I started by putting a little of the new soft clear resin in the bottom of the tiny bunny mold.  (The new resin really comes out cleanly from the molds.) I set the resin in the UV light and then cut out some tiny acetate sheet flowers (available in the BFC resin department). These flowers were placed in the mold and a little more resin was added and set.  Finally a white liquid colorant was added to some resin and poured into the bunny mold as the last layer.  Once hardened in the UV light the bunny will have a slight depression in the back into which I added a little resin and placed the end of the file on top.  To keep the file level, I used some fun tak ( Loctite) under the file.  I hope that you will check out the resin program at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  I'm sure that you will find some thing there that you would like to's easy and creative and FUN!


Annette Allen said...

oh my how fun.. yay for cute bunny toppers..

eva said...

oh, these are really cute! love the bunnies on a practical gift.

Shirley N said...

What a great Easter gift you made and so sweet, too, Lynn! Your bunny came out so beautiful, TFS your process.