Thursday, March 15, 2018

Natural Crystal Set in Resin Pendants

Just a few photos of some jewelry experiments I've been doing. On a trip to the Tucson Gem and Rock Show, I acquired these crystals and set them in resin to form unique pendants.
 It was easy to use the L'Bell supplies (available at HM Ben Franklin Crafts) to set the crystals in the findings with UV resin.
For the top pendant I used a chain made from wire-wrapped gemstones.  The lower pendant has a wire-wrapped bail on a sterling chain.  Hopefully, I will be making more of this type of jewelry to sell in my locker at Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts.  I hope this post has given you ideas for using UV resin to make one- of- a -kind jewelry. Experimenting with your crafts can yield amazing results...give it a try!


eva said...

Hi Lynn, those are very pretty! i'm so intrigued with resin! i even have some but it's not open. haha, waiting for that perfect crafting moment.

eunice said...

Wow, your crafty "experiment" turned out to be a lovely success! What a great idea to use resin to transform your crystals into beautiful and unique jewelry!