Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Happy Happy New Year 2010!

When I saw the mini Japanese fan and woven crane at Ben Franklin Crafts, I purchased them because they were beautiful and I knew that I would find a use for them in the future. I left them on my desk for inspiration and yesterday I decided that they would be a nice focal point for some of my thank you cards. I used a gold card stock and some decorative (12x12) washi paper from BFC as the base onto which I wired the fan and crane. I used the thin wire that I removed from the wide wired Christmas ribbons.....recycle, recycle, recycle. The Japanese character stamp I purchased decades ago but I'm sure you can locate a similar one. The card blank is a rough handmade paper so I lightly glued some smoother paper inside the card for a better writing surface. I'm not sure what the crane and fan (there was a turtle too) were supposed to be used for (maybe gift wrapping decoration) but I am suggesting to the people I am thanking that they remove the fan or crane and use them for Christmas tree ornaments next year. Also if you lightly tack in the thank you note paper it can be removed and the card can be reused.....recycle, recycle, recycle. Keep crafting in 2010 and keep the world green by recycling.

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Shirley N said...

Beautiful New Year cards Lynn. Thanks for the inspiration!