Saturday, January 30, 2010

'I Love Shopping' Bracelet with Crystazzi Crystals

Here's this year's Valentine's Day bracelet. The cute beaded purse I found in Japan was the inspiration of the design. I bought a few extra mini-purses and other beaded charms from Japan and have them for sale on our website store ( so you can buy it there along with the heart chain and heart box clasp. Of course you can make the bracelet using other decorative charms and beads. The instructions for this bracelet are with our other website Valentine projects. Pictured below are the Crystazzi crystals sold at Ben Franklin Crafts. These new crystals are by the Cousins company and are very similar to the Swarovski crystals but much lower in price. There are lots of colors and shapes of Crystazzi crystals available at BFC.

While I was making the 'I love Shopping' bracelet I decided I wanted a new Valentine bracelet just for me. (See photo below.) I love sweets but I've been trying to cut back so I thought this 'I Love Cake' bracelet would be appropriate for my no-calorieValentine's Day jewelry. If you want to make this bracelet, we have the cake charm available on our site (but in limited quantities). I used other candy-like beads and did simple wire-wrapping on this bracelet. I hope that you will craft yourself or a loved one something sweet and sparkly (something good for your heart) for Feb. 14th, the day of love.


Lorna Sumi said...

You must have read my mind! I just love those bracelets. Anyway, my comment is: I wish that you would start some classes in Kailu Ben Franklin, on bracelet classes and sell more of the nice fancy beads at Kailua store too. I don't drive outside of the windward area and maybe there are others like me. Anyway, just a thought.

Kelly Jensen said...

I love these bracelets! I have been working on making my own using cystazzi crystals. I find the best prices on beads from!

Anonymous said...

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