Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Purse Pull and Cell Phone Charm

Did I fool you?  I hope that you thought I was going bonkers and making  real candy into charms, but don't try to eat these candies.....they're made from Padico Mermaid clay (a Hearty like clay that  is waterproof). I purchased the chocolate and caramel colored clay in Japan but I recently discovered that the Padico clay company has an online site where you can order the clay. 
The fake Reese's Peanut Butter cups were shaped in plastic molds.  The larger mold came from Ben Franklin Crafts and the smaller one is a Padico product.  All the bead and findings were purchased from BFC .
Now you must be wondering: WHY did I make Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for my phone and purse charms? Well, my niece admired a cookie cell phone charm that I had plugged into my phone so I offered to make her one, too.  She asked if I could make a Peanut Butter Cup charm so I said I would try. (I made the bigger charm first but it was too big for a cell phone charm so I turned it into a purse pull and fashioned a smaller one for my niece's cell phone.)  I think I was pretty successful in making them look real.  My niece's favorite color is purple.  Can you tell?

I know that crafters are making fake sweets using the Hearty clay, but the items will melt if exposed to water so I recommend getting some of the waterproof Mermaid Padico Clay. You could of course spray the Hearty Clay sweets with a clear lacquer to make them waterproof but they tend to take on  a plastic-like sheen.  Anyway, I enjoyed making this gift for my niece and it will be nice to give her a 'sweet' gift that has no calories!


eva said...

this is so cute! another craft to try! thanks for all the ideas!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Now that's what I call a yummy looking purse pull and phone charm. Sweet idea.

Emily Leiphart said...

Oh my gosh, it would be so hard to resist NOT eating those peanut butter cups! LOL They are definitely scrumptious and will be great conversation starters!

Tammi said...

Looks real enough to eat...awesome gift for your niece!!

Leanne said...

looks good enough to eat! hahaha! another awesome idea!!