Saturday, May 23, 2015

Graduation Leis

 Yes, it's graduation time again....lei making time!  This year all the leis I made are going to graduates who are attending schools away from Hawaii so of course they can't contain fresh flowers.  I realize that many handmade leis remain in the graduates' rooms after the big day....all those hours of work and the leis never get used again.  With this in mind, I decided to make simple crocheted leis this year.  Each of the above leis have only three single crocheted strands twisted together.  I picked yarns that were somewhat hairy and crocheted several pieces of yarn together so each strand was fairly thick and looked plant-like.  The yellow one was finished with a simple grosgrain bow and the top one was done traditionally with kukui nuts and a ribbon.
Here are two leis I purchased from HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  I thought the red and white one could use a bit more decoration and wanted to add to the gift.
Using accordion folded money and pipe cleaners (light green thin Japanese ones from BFC) I tied  rosette bills back to back onto the lei.  Of course you could just accordion fold wide ribbon but most graduates appreciate a bit of cash.  Dressing up a pre-made lei is super easy and at least conveys the feeling that you took the time to make something special and handcrafted.

Even if you don't have much time for lei making, you can easily make single crocheted leis or embellish store bought leis.  You can learn from BFC employees and use up the yarn you've been hoarding....LOL!  Wishing lei love to all 2015 graduates!


scrapnhawaii said...

I like what you did to the red and white lei by just adding bills!! The recipient would sure love it more!

Leanne said...

So awesome Lynn!! Although flower leis are lovely to receive, the handmade ones that one creates lasts a lifetime. I love the first two that you did, they do look like they have a bit of flowers in them. The recipients will surely feel your Aloha in them. Thanks for sharing!!

Leanne said...
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