Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Baking Valentine Treats

After I found these Wilton paper baking products at HM Ben Franklin Crafts, I decided to bake up some treats.  (I saw a low sugar sweet potato brownie recipe on 'The Chew' that I believe will be just perfect.) However, I didn't want to introduce you to these pretty heart-shape cups and pans after I used them (a day or so before the 14th) because then it would be too late for you to get some.  If you aren't a baker you can always fill them with purchased cookies or candies (also available at BFC).  I plan to bag the baked goods in Heiko cello bags and tie them up with some fancy ribbon.  Well, that's it for this quickie post.  Hope it encourages you to plan ahead for heart day!


Annette Allen said...

yay for baking.. i love to bake.. thanks for sharing

Leanne said...

Aww totally cute idea Lynn! i'm planning something with my co-worker, hopefully it'll turn out as cute as your's will.