Sunday, September 19, 2021

I decided I wanted to decorate a box as a kit for making s'mores.  This box was the right size but it was a bright yellow.  After covering the top of the box with the last of my tie-dyed washi paper, the box was still too yellow and had some words here and there.  Papering the inside cover, box bottom inside and out it looked a little better.  To pull in the yellow color I cut a moon and put it behind the Lawn Fawn colored and die cut critters.  A little glitter was added to make the fire sparkle and a label was added to hint at the box's contents.
Inside the box lid I glued on a die cut S'more character just for fun.  It was a bit tedious to put together the figure as there were many little pieces and I kept changing my mind on the colors...LOL!  Over all I really like how this box turned out and can't wait to fill it with the ingredients and instructions for making my favorite fall treat.  Yay for Autumn!


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Autumn Shadow Box Cards

I had more ideas for autumn shadow box cards so I decided to test them out. I really like the little scenes that I can create with such simple stamp and die sets.
Because I just purchased the Lawn Fawn campfire stamp and die sets, I had to make something cute, immediately!  For sparkle I added a little glitter to the fire but unfortunately, it barely shows up in the photo.
This is the shadow box card that I will probably make for the base of my calendars (if I get around to making them this year).  Because the Mama Elephant stamped scene is not really seasonal, I think it is suitable for use all year long.  Also the sentiment is appropriate for tucking into any gift or passing out for most occasions.  All the shadow box cards fold flat for easy giving or mailing. Oh yes, I added some clear sparkle glitter on the dandelions just for a little magic fun.
I bought the Lawn Fawn stamp and die set last Halloween but it was too late for creating something with it so I had to wait a whole year to use it.  LOL!  I really like the costumed foxes and plan to make lots of cute Halloween paper crafts with them.  The fox's cupcake costume has Nuvo pink dimensional paint on it which acts as a glue for the fake candy sprinkles.  Anyway, I thought you'd like to see what I've been working on recently.  Hope you'll post your holiday creations on your blog site.  I love hearing from you and seeing your creative craft work.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Squirrel Shadow Box Card

I love making shadow box cards because they remind me of the shoe box dioramas we made in elementary school for library week.  The parts for this shadow box card were cut with dies from the Lawn Fawn Shadow Box Card Park Add-Ons.  You will need the Shadow Box Card die set too to make the base.
This view shows the dyed/stenciled cloud background that was made from paper leftover from a previous project.  The trees, sides and back of the card were die cut from brown card stock that was first stamped (using dark brown ink) with the Hero Arts woodgrain large stamp.
The two strips of grass were adhered to the sides of the box using the tabs that are formed with the die.

The 'thinking of you' banner was made by stamping the Hero Arts sentiment onto a Lawn Fawn Fancy Fold Banner.  This shadow box card folds flat for mailing. I may write a message on the back with a white gel pen. Perhaps this year I will order more mini calendars and attach them to the back of shadow box cards.  Because this card was made with dies it would be easy to duplicate and/or make similar ones.  We'll see what time will allow me to do this year.  I'll keep you posted...LOL!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Tie Dyed Washi Paper Box with Gift Enclosure Cards

After having success with tie dying washi paper (see previous post), I decided to tie dye washi paper with autumn colors and cover a box.  I covered only the top of this box because the inside of the box (which once held Japanese treats) was in pristine condition and had a neat partition.
I looked for tiny envelopes but after an unsuccessful search, I decided that I could make cards that didn't need envelopes.  Sticking with the autumn theme, I stamped the Hero Arts woodgrain onto brown paper and cut them into cards that would fold up to fit in the box compartments.  
Next yarn/ribbon (from HM BFC) was tied around each card. (Don't cut the ribbon too short because it will be difficult to tie it into a bow.) I had leftover tie dyed washi paper so I decided to use it for the leaves.  Plain white card stock was glued behind the washi paper before die cutting the leaves.  (Washi paper by itself is too fragile for die cutting.)  
To give the leaves more color, I dabbed on some autumn colored ink pads and sprayed the leaves with water before patting them dry.  Once the leaves were dry, each one was glued onto the front of each card to hold the ribbon in place.  I think this recycled project was very successful.  I love the way it looks and know that it will make a perfect hostess gift to take to a holiday party.  Will we ever have  holiday gatherings again?...hopefully soon?


Friday, September 3, 2021

Squirrel Friend Card

My youngest grandson has a stuffed toy squirrel that is his favorite thing to carry around.  It's his sleep aid and thumb-sucking friend.  Because Mr. Squirrel sometimes likes to 'swim' in the toilet, my grandson's parents wisely bought extra squirrels who take turns spinning in the washing machine.  It doesn't seem to bother my grandson to see all the squirrels together.  However, he always seems to be sniffing each squirrel until he finds THE one that makes his thumb taste 'just right'!  In honor of Mr. Squirrel I decided to make an Autumn card.  
I started with a Kraft paper card with envelope and stamped the front with a Hero Arts woodgrain design.  Next I hand cut a freeform tree hole door.  After stamping the Lawn Fawn squirrels, coloring them with Copic pens, and die cutting them, I used foam sticky dots to adhere them to the card. I did the same with the large  Lawn Fawn acorn. I stamped the words and hand cut the strips before applying double stick tape.  This squirrel card was super simple to make and I hope my 1-year-old grandson likes looking at it....maybe he'll even recognize his best friend!


Monday, August 30, 2021

Tie Dyed Washi Paper Upcycled Container

Can you guess what this was before I papered it with hand-dyed washi paper?  It originally held caramel popcorn.  Because it was so sturdy and clean inside (the popcorn was in a plastic bag), I decided that it had to be repurposed.  I also had some old large sheets of plain mulberry washi paper which unfortunately were slightly stained and had tiny bug holes which made them perfect candidates for my tie dyed experiments.  (These papers were purchased at Ben Franklin Crafts many years ago but you should be able to find large sheets of natural colored washi paper at Celebrations (next door to our Mapunapuna HM Ben Franklin Crafts store).   
Here is another view of the same container.  With tie dying every part of every paper will come out different.  To get the tie dye pattern aligned along the container's opening, I first made watercolor paper (the only really large paper I had) templates of the side and two ends.  I used double stick tape to adhere the templates to the tie dyed sheet before cutting out the pieces.  The part that goes around the top of the container was then cut apart from the lower side piece.  

All four pieces were then glued onto the cardboard container with 3 in 1 Beacon glue. 

I am very pleased with how neat and clean this project turned out despite the messy paper dying process which left my hands 'lovely' for days.  Reminder: Wear gloves while dying washi paper!

I used Ken Oliver powder dyes because it is very potent so a little goes a long way.  It's best to put a tiny bit of powder into water and then dipping the paper into the colored liquid or painting on the dye to specific places.
I'm not sure what I will put in this container but most likely it will be a gift container because then I won't need wrapping paper. Hahaha!
I even papered the bottom of the container because there were a UPC code and price sticker which couldn't be removed.  The odd looking paper below is what the washi paper looks like before I apply the dye.  Each little wrapped point of paper is wound up with waxed leather sewing thread which maybe found in the HM BFC leather or beading department.  Normally, when I tie dye fabric I use rubber bands but they would be too abrasive on paper (even though washi paper is very sturdy).  Even if you don't choose to upcycle a cardboard container, tie dying paper is fun.  You never know what the result will be but the pretty papers can easily be used on cards or in scrapbooks. Give it a try....wear gloves!  LOL!


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Dyed Washi Paper Slimline Cards

When I have new inks or dye pads, I often test them out on damaged paper.  A long time ago I tried the Hero Arts reactive dyes on some old, foxed washi paper.  As usual, I let the samples dry and then went on to make the real project.  These two cards were made from the test papers I found in my scrap pile.  I loved the colors and natural look of the papers.  Rather than make some regular sized cards, I thought the dyed pieces would make super slimline cards.   
The card bases were made using the Hero Arts Infinity die. ( Align the folded paper just inside the left side of the die.)  I used the third largest dye to tear the paper to fit the card.  A little water on the edges will make tearing easier and more natural. Pat dry the edges of the wet paper and dry with a heat gun so that the reactive dye won't bleed.
Here is a close up of the Penny Black stamped words.  Because I knew that the inked words would bleed on the washi paper, I stamped them on vellum paper that had little glitter sprinkles (not visible in the photo).  I used a slow drying ink and heat embossed it with sparkle embossing powder. Double stick tape is virtually invisible under the vellum.
Of course I HAD to make matching envelopes. Using the Whimsy slimline envelope dies made it easy.
Finally, because of my "waste not, want not" motto I turned the leftover paper scraps into tags.  I enjoy finding the 'perfect' fibers for the tag ties.  The ones I found in my stash were a beautiful match.  The tiny Taylored Expressions 'thanks' die cuts also matched the tags and I already had them cut and stored with the die!  I am very pleased with these cards perhaps because I enjoy making something from nothing.  Crafters always find beauty in their accidental finds.  High Five!!!!