Friday, November 23, 2012

Angel Necklace

Funny how some things just work out and some don't.  On a shopping trip to the Ben Franklin Crafts in Mapunapuna I discovered (in the bead department) cute strands of crystal angels with metal wings and halos.  I thought they would be good for card embellishments. The next time I shopped at the Hilo BFC, I picked up some word impressed metal rings that could be strung with beads in the center.  I thought that with a bit of luck the angels would fit inside the ring.  When I put the two purchases side by side in my craftroom, I noticed that they were both made by Darice and called Enchanted Angels. Duh!  They WERE supposed to be used together.  I quickly set to work but soon discovered that the white crystal angel strand had wings that were too big to fit inside the rings. The green angels fit perfectly but the ruby ones were just too tight so I had to replace the angel head bead for a smaller one.  My observant husband noticed that one angel had the wings uplifted as if in flight and the other one had wings in a resting position.  Maybe that's why the ruby angel didn't fit. I'll have to check that out and turn the wings around if that is the problem. A head pin was used to wire wrap the angel into the ring and onto a Beadalon bail. (I used the bail upside down so it could accommodate the cord/ribbon, but I will hopefully find some tube bails which I think will look better.)  Anyway, I think the finished necklaces would make great girlfriend gifts. Each one could be different because there are lots of different impressed rings with words like: mother, grandmother, peace, hope, dreams, etc.  You could also turn the ringed angels into purse pulls, key chains or phone ornaments.  This is a very easy project so give it a try if you want to impress your friends and not have to spend a lot of time or money. Happy Turkey Day!


Annette Allen said...

wow you are so creative these are amazing.. I love them..

Tammi said...

Those are beautiful Lynn! Pretty colors and I like how the wording is around them. ~hugs