Thursday, July 30, 2015

Deco Podge Napkin Projects...something new from Japan!

 I hope you were able to attend the Mapunapuna BFC store demonstrations of the fabulous new Japanese projects. I tried the Deco Podge napkin products and these were the results.
This eyeglass holder (or mini pouch) has a zipper on the top. I used the iron-on Deco Podge film to adhere the napkin pieces to the holder. It was pretty easy and foolproof.  To insure that I wouldn't melt any of the film on my iron, I covered the designs with parchment paper before ironing.
I made this tote with the Deco Podge liquid.  (The green label is for fabric, but I think BFC only sells the pink label which is the all-purpose one.)  The liquid is messier than the iron-on film but allows you to apply napkin designs to surfaces that can't be ironed flat.  I suppose I could have inserted a small pillow into the tote if I wanted to use iron-on method.
Just think of all the fabulous items you could decorate with these products.  Go to the HM Ben Franklin Crafts (in Mapunapuna) to see all the new Japanese crafts.  In future posts I will be showing some of the cool resin jewelry I am currently working on.  Hope to see you soon!


Annette Allen said...

oh my how TOTALLY FUN..

Leanne said...

I agree with Annette, these are totally fun!!
Wish I had a BFC near me..
Happy Friday Lynn, have a nice weekend!

Cami said...

This looks like fun and very cute too! Great tips!

eunice said...

This is so totally neat-o! Saw these at BF this weekend too, and wondered what it was all about. Now how does this work? You can create images to iron on to fabric using the film?