Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet Simple Summer Necklace

I designed this necklace as a gift for a young girl and kept it simple because her taste in jewelry seems to be elegant but simple. Also I needed to complete the project in one evening. The gemstone choice of amazonite was an easy one because I saw her wearing earrings of a similar color and the light turquoise color reminds me of the sea at summertime. I used a goldfilled chain designed to pass through most bead holes. You could probably use a gold plated beading wire but I don't think it would drape as well as the chain. Because there are few beads used and amazonite is not terribly expensive, the cost of the bead chain is not going to break your budget. I will eventually write up and post the instructions for this necklace on our craft club website ( I hope that you will try making this necklace before the summer is over. If you are a novice beader you will see how easy and economical it is to make gifts for all your girlfriends. Why not start early to make jewelry for Christmas gifts? Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog.

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