Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unique Wooden Boxes

A few weeks ago I was shown some unique wooden boxes selling at Ben Franklin Crafts. They are made of a thin, light-weight, veneer like wood. The way that the top rolls over reminds me of an old fashioned roll top desk. I thought that decoupaging Kodomo scrapbook paper over the box might make it look like a piece of lacquer wear. (I used Mod Podge matte decoupage medium.) I thought that the outcome was good but I had a few wrinkles in the paper due to the flexibility of the box cover. I used a crackle design rubber stamp and Brilliance galaxy gold ink to cover the wrinkles and give the box a more ancient look. I glued a carved bone button bead onto the wooden knob. The boxes from Sierra Pacific come in two sizes and are quite inexpensive. I think that they would make great party favor goodie boxes. Any kind of medium weight scrapbook paper (maybe fabric) should work. I will try to write up project instructions for this box on our website ( However, this project is so easy you can probably figure out how to do it yourself. Keep crafting and smiling!

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