Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hilo Christmas Craft Fair

If you didn't get to the Hilo Christmas Craft Fair at the stadium yesterday, you still have a chance to get some wonderful handmade crafts today. In the photo above, Margaret from the Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts store proudly displays her handcrafted items for sale. She is selling beautiful jewelry and paper crafts for very reasonable prices. The topiary below is one made by Donna who always does the beautiful wreaths and Christmas decorations at the store. Sorry folks the one in the photo is mine, but she has lots of other gorgeous decorations. The etched goblet is from a set made by Denise (also a BFC employee). I couldn't resist getting the set because it was such a bargain and I know someone who will love it. Don't worry Denise has lots of other sets and etched glassware for sale. Besides the crafts made and sold by the Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts employees, there is a great variety of merchandise available for smart shoppers who know that a handcrafted item makes a great one-of-a-kind gift. You won't be disappointed if you hurry down to the Hilo Christmas Craft Fair today!


Cheryl said...

How exciting! Wish I had been there to see all the beautiful handcrafted items for sale. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

So beautiful handcrafted items! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynn for support I am so happy that our 8 annual craft fair turn out so well .
We are looking forward to the 9 annual , together we are strong we have a great team & support from our crafting community. We are all so proud of our vendors and happy to provide a venue for them to showcase their craft product. Our intent is to keep crafting alive we had a lots of beautiful handcrafted products & ono food vendors Thank you for all your inspiration I am proud to be a part of the Ben Franklin family One happy crafter