Sunday, November 7, 2010

Simple Earrings for Gifts and Craft Fairs

Now is the time for crafters to crank out those gifts and craft sale items. To me the easiest and most economical ladies' items to make are earrings. In comparison to necklaces and bracelets, earrings require a minimal amount of supplies and time. Here are three examples (click on the photo to enlarge the image) that I whipped out in one sitting (1-2 hrs.). The eliptical pair on the left simply required jump rings to link together the two components. The earrings with the green peridot beads were a bit more work and used 26 gauge gold filled wire to attach the bead to the square wire frames and teardrop filigree dangle. In the center is the earring that took the longest to assemble. Finding just the right size of garnet to fit in the triangle sterling silver frame and wiring it on with wire added a perfect touch of color. (For earrings try to use sparkly or bright colored stones, which although small will catch the eye.) Of course the silver earrings could have been left plain or just adorned with a teardrop pearl. For gifts and craft fairs I think that you should make your earrings with gold filled or sterling silver components because for just a bit more cost you will upgrade your work tremendously. Remember Christmas is a time when everyone likes to splurge and give the best that they can afford. Okay, get crafting!


ShaniKulani said...

beautiful earrings..gotta start whipping them up for the upcoming holidays :) TFS!!

Cheryl said...

Your earrings are so pretty Lynn! One of these days I hope to make a pair for myself. So wonderful to be able to make such beautiful Christmas gifts.

Cami said...

Such pretty earrings, Lynn! I love that you are so versatile and can take anything into your hands and craft with! These truly make lovely gifts. Your craft room must look like a mini BF store! LOL! Hugs, Cami