Monday, September 27, 2021

I don't usually make my holiday cards this early and usually I do something with hand coloring and die cutting but this year I spied some Simple Stories papers (at HM Ben Franklin Crafts) that were so charming that I was inspired.  One of the 12x12 sheets had a set of tags which I was able to cut out, punch holes and tie on some twine. Combined with assorted fall themed papers I was able to make a cornucopia of cards to send with my annual family newsletter.
To make these cards unique, I punched holes in the card front (not through the whole card) and tied on the tags upon which I affixed mini Vippies calendars ( I haven't received my 2022 ones yet). I melted sealing wax on a slick heat proof flexible surface like parchment and impressed it with the metal stamp. Once cool the wax was glued (with 3 in 1 Beacon glue) to the card leaving an edge free so that the tag can be inserted underneath. I plan to tell the recipients that the tag  twine can be untied and the calendar tied to a place where a calendar is needed.  Under the calendar is a space where I will write something like 'Live Aloha' or 'Share the Aloha'. Small strips of autumn themed paper from my scrap pile were added for interest and to whittle down my ever-growing stack of 'too-good-to throw away' small paper pieces.  The wax for the melted seals are sold at HM BFC as well as the metal stamps.  It might take several tries to get the puddle of melted wax (use a heat gun) just right so that the resulting impressed wax is somewhat round.  I used a scissors to cut off small pieces of wax to melt rather than heating the stick of wax which can be unpredictable. (The metal stamper used on these cards impresses a pine sprig and was given to me as a gift...source unknown.) Blogger Yvonne (Do More With Less) uses wax seals on her cards so she was my inspiration for this cool add on.  Okay, so I have enough greeting cards to write a short message to friends and family and to enclose my yearly family newsletter update.  Yay!  I'm early this year!!!!



yyam said...

Great job Lynn! These look fabulous! :)

eunice said...

Your calendar note cards are impressive! Love the special touch sealing wax gives. (great tip on how to melt the wax!) And thanks for the nudge that I need to get going on my holiday stuff too... tomorrow is October!!!!

Annette Allen said...

yay for fall.. you are rocking all these cards.