Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Tie Dyed Washi Paper Box with Gift Enclosure Cards

After having success with tie dying washi paper (see previous post), I decided to tie dye washi paper with autumn colors and cover a box.  I covered only the top of this box because the inside of the box (which once held Japanese treats) was in pristine condition and had a neat partition.
I looked for tiny envelopes but after an unsuccessful search, I decided that I could make cards that didn't need envelopes.  Sticking with the autumn theme, I stamped the Hero Arts woodgrain onto brown paper and cut them into cards that would fold up to fit in the box compartments.  
Next yarn/ribbon (from HM BFC) was tied around each card. (Don't cut the ribbon too short because it will be difficult to tie it into a bow.) I had leftover tie dyed washi paper so I decided to use it for the leaves.  Plain white card stock was glued behind the washi paper before die cutting the leaves.  (Washi paper by itself is too fragile for die cutting.)  
To give the leaves more color, I dabbed on some autumn colored ink pads and sprayed the leaves with water before patting them dry.  Once the leaves were dry, each one was glued onto the front of each card to hold the ribbon in place.  I think this recycled project was very successful.  I love the way it looks and know that it will make a perfect hostess gift to take to a holiday party.  Will we ever have  holiday gatherings again?...hopefully soon?


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eunice said...

Another stunning upcycled box project! Loving the amazing effects you've been achieving by dying washi paper. Your box is beautiful, and the autumn themed notecards are the perfect added touch.