Saturday, September 20, 2008

Too Delicious to Resist and the 5-minute Christmas Bouquet

I promised myself and my family that I wouldn't buy more Christmas decorations this year. Afterall, my two boys are too old to care what the house looks like during the holidays. However, as soon as I saw the gigantic dessert tree at the Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts, I forgot my promise. The crew who decorated the enormous tree with garlands of cupcakes and assorted sugared treats deserve an award. It has to be the most beautiful Christmas tree in Hawaii. In fact, the store has had several requests to supply decorated trees to offices in Hilo. I will try to take a picture of the tree to post on this blog. I especially love the way the cupcake garlands were draped vertically instead of winding them around the tree, which is the usual decorating technique.
The photo shown here is a instant decoration I made using only three Christmas picks and a tall glass vase (or maybe it's a drinking glass) I had from last Valentine's Day. I wrapped some irridescent tissue around the extra long picks and wedged them into the glass vase. If you can't find the vase at Ben Franklin Crafts, you can use any tall, thin vase and wire wrap red glass beads onto the stem. This decoration would make a great table centerpiece at a Christmas party or something different to give to a hostess instead of flowers.

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