Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wedding Card

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a friend's daughter. I wanted to make a special card, one that the bride might keep. I had a package of the current K and Co. wedding stickers and an idea to make a hanging tag card that could be used as a home decoration or an embellishment for a wedding album page. There are so many beautiful scrapbook papers that it wasn't hard to find two complimentary ones in pink (the color of the invitation)with a little sparkle and a slight Asian influence (also seen on the invitation). Anyway, after making a tag shape out of cardoard (I traced one from a K and Co. kit), I used Merikan tape to adhere the scrapbook paper (also cut in the tag shape). Next, the cake sticker was altered (I cut off the top tier)so that it would fit the tag along with the frame sticker. The frame sticker came from an old K and Co. package but it could easily be made using decorative edge scissors and rectangle punches. The bride can later put a personal photo into the frame sticker. The ribbon was enhanced by gluing on a second ribbon but you may be able to find one that already has colors, which match the papers. With Fabric Tac glue I covered the tag edge with a ribbon trim. In the back of the tag I attached a glassine envelope to enclose a gift and a few words to the bride and groom. Later the bride can put her journaling in the envelope. To coordinate the whole card, I lined the envelope with the same paper used on the back of the tag. I hope the couple enjoys the tag card as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Lynn-

We absolutely loved the card, it turned out beautifully. It was an extra special gift that we will treasure!

Love- Joni and Kendall (the newlyweds)