Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Good Buys

I forgot to mention that on Sunday I also purchased a package of 12x12 paper and punch-outs called 'Chocolate" by S.E.I. I love the paper designs and color scheme of pink, grey, and brown shown on the outside of the package. However, a wonderful surprise is inside the package because the paper is extremely beautiful and elegant. There are two-sided foiled, textured, and glittered paper with swirls, words and butterflies galore. Even the stickers and punch-outs are gorgeous! The content list on the package does not make it clear that there are 28 sheets of either paper or cardstock, which means the paper is a bargain when compared to purchasing single sheets. Maybe you can share a pack with a friend because there are two of almost every 12x12 sheet. This paper pack would make an excellent Christmas gift but you really should buy one for yourself...I did!
While looking through the photographs I took at Ben Franklin Crafts on Sunday, I saw something I didn't notice before. I snapped a picture of what I thought was a pretty scene of the miniature village. I didn't realize that the igloo above the village (sorry I cut off the penguin's head) had a digital light up that counts down the days until Christmas. I wonder if the lights can be purchased? A parent with a young child might be relieved to not have to answer the how-many-days question and just refer the child to the igloo.

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