Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Shopping

Two hours of shopping at Ben Franklin Crafts this past Sunday filled me with fresh ideas and exciting supplies. I even did some Christmas shopping. I bought a three-way jewelry tool that is a tweezer, needle-nose plier, and wire cutter, which makes it a perfect gift for friend who is learning to make jewelry. For someone who writes and sends lots of cards I found the perfect sets of four pretty notecards with matching die cuts from Tapestry. I plan to include with these sets some glitter, crystals, brads and other embellishments. I know even my non-crafting friends will have fun decorating the cards and be proud to mail the finished cards to their friends.
While at the Hilo store, I saw Donna putting the finishing touches on a beautiful original bouquet. She used a fairy ornament and some matching glittered floral components. I was really impressed with the artistic arrangement and creative use of unlikely elements. See this blog's photo. The other photo is of a book I purchased because the jewelry in it is so retro and wonderfully wacky. I knew just from the cover and title that I would love the book and I do! (Notice the Post-It tabs I use to mark projects I'm thinking of trying.) The unique ideas and information about all sorts of things makes this book good reading for any crafter.
Oh, while I was at Ben Franklin Crafts I found a strand of white button pearls that would have perfectly matched the replacement earring (mentioned in the last blog). Too bad I already mailed the earrings. I calculated that the strand of 85 pearls would make 14 pairs of three pearl earrings. Together with the cost of the ear wires the total cost of the earrings would be about $3.15. This is why these earrings would make great gifts or craft items. The button pearls would also look good in a necklace with faceted rondel gemstones or crystals.

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