Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creating Your Own Brads

From this photo you can tell that my blog title is not referring to making a child (although I do have a terrific nephew named Brad). Yes, Imaginisce has actually made a tool for the home crafter that enables you to make brads (in three sizes) from paper, fabric, and other not-too-thick-thick materials. This tool works somewhat like the fabric covered button makers that a seamstress uses. I have found that scrapbook paper works better than cardstock because of the thickness. Washi paper also works but the fiborous ones may get stuck in the punches so it would be better to use the templates and a scissors. Actually, any soft paper or fabric is best cut first by hand and then put in the brad maker. I do like the speed in which you can make brads using the punches and the satisfaction of using up my pretty scrap paper. As you may be able to see from the second photo, I made brads from ribbons (the ladybug and MS seafoam with glittered edge), leftover Christmas wrapping paper (holographic ones in Hero Arts felt snowflakes), and assorted origami and scrapbook paper. My favorite brad is the large white one that doesn't show well in the photo but is made from an embossed wrapping paper. The paper came off a gift my sister gave me......won't she be surprised to get it back as a brad! Oh, the brads are stuck in a styrofoam block because I coated some of the plain paper brads with liquid glaze and they are drying. One last hint, it's best to use paper with small all over prints because it is a bit difficult (but not impossible) to center a design. Okay, I hope this post wasn't too boring. On Friday I will post the details of how to enter and show the blog candy I'm giving away.

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Joy said...

I 've been playing around with my I-Top,too, and you're right to experiment with different papers. I like to make the brad in a light solid and then stamp on it after with a tiny stamp. Not sure what I'm going to make with all of these brads, but I'm sure something will come to mind!