Friday, June 11, 2021

Bee Happy Bear Card

I've had an interest in bees ever since a hive decided to take up residence between the double walls of our house.  They built quite a large hive until it was evident that we had to remove them or risk the collapse of our side wall.  We tried smoking them out but that didn't work for long.  Bees are persistent insects.  Reluctantly, we resorted to poison but we felt really bad because we know that they worked so hard to build the hive.  To make up for the bee deaths, we decided to get involved in the Alan Wong Adopt a Bee Hive project at the U.H. of Hilo Agriculture dept.  We've pledged money to support the program which raises bees in box hives. We even have a hive with our name on it!  In return we learn about the progress of the bees and receive bottles of honey.  The honey is delicious!  Thank you bees!  
I made this card to honor the bees and even decorated the inside with my friends and their honeycombs.  I used the products below to decorate this card.  Leave a comment if you want to know more about a procedure or bee item.  You can leave a bee-utiful message too!  I love hearing from you!


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eunice said...

Thank you for sharing your bee story. Sounds scary to have bees living in your walls. I think your wanting to make up for the shooing the bees by joining the bee hive adoption program attests to what a caring and warm hearted person you and your hubby are. (And btw, I LOVE your card!!!)