Monday, April 8, 2024

Floral Bouquet Cards

It's surprising sometimes where inspirations come from.  This bouquet card idea came from a card I purchased in a Japan 100 yen store.  It was a simple design that was easy to copy.  
I started by choosing two 12x12 sheets of card stock, one from the Crafter's Companion ombre sparkle pad and the other from the Crafter's Companion Nature's Garden pad.  Each sheet can be used to make four bouquet cards.
The shape for the cone part of the bouquet is approximately 8" wide by 7" high.  It's a simple fan shape with two folds that form the overlapping sides.
Inside each card is lots of space to write a message  or greeting.  The artificial flowers (purchased over the years from HM Ben Franklin Crafts and hoarded in storage boxes) were glued to the top of the center portion of the fan.  HM BFC has a vast supply of artificial flowers throughout the store.
From the back view of the cards you can see the shape of the flattened cone better.  Also the beautiful ombre sparkle and gorgeous floral print papers can be appreciated.  Small bows made from Heiko ribbon were glued on and worded die cut pieces (from another Crafter's Companion 12x12 pad seen in the previous post) were affixed as well.  I really had fun arranging the blossoms and leaves in the bouquets...just like a floral designer..LOL! To close the flaps into a cone shape I attached one small piece of Velcro tape fastener to the upper edge.  (This can be seen in some of the photos.)  These bouquet cards are perfect for so many occasions...graduations, weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, etc.  I hope that you will try to make bouquet cards because they are so easy to put together and require so few supplies that you can economically make dozens in no time at all.  Everyone loves floral bouquets...Don't you? 


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