Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shopping, cooking, crafting.....the good life!

On Friday night I did some real credit card damage at Ben Franklin Crafts. Although I saw the beginning of Christmas displays, I didn't buy any ho-ho-ho or jingle items yet. I started in the Bead Shoppe and stayed there for quite a while. There were Imagine It beads on 30% off and special promotional gemstone strands at 50% off. I found some new flat oval Imagine It 7" strands, which I thought were already reasonable but with the sale plus craft club discount they were almost free! I'm excited to work with this new bead shape and will show you later what I do with it. I also purchased some great magazines-books. I'm not sure what to call them because they are in a small book format but have ads in them and are published monthly. These publications are by Northridge Media and include issues on beads, cards, holiday, paper, scrapbooking, etc. I like the fact that they have just a few ads and lots of projects.

Because of the Christmas displays, I started thinking about what type of goodies I would be making for gifts this year. Usually I bake cookies and start testing recipes about this time of year. I saw a recipe for chocolate almond toffee candy on Martha Stewart Living and it seemed simple. I made some today and my family gave it a thumbs up. Next, I'll have to think about how I can package and ship the candy without it melting. To me, half of the gift is in the wrapping, so I look for unique wrapping supplies all year long. Odd color combinations like lavender, silver, and blue can be refreshing Christmas colors.

As you can see from the attached photo (click to enlarge), I made another version of the Beijing Olympic Necklace. This one has a few more beads so it would probably be better worn with a simple outfit. I'll try to get the instructions on the craft club website this week but it may be a while before we figure out how to offer the majong tiles and fabric remnants to you. I'm also trying to decide on the best way to hold an online craft contest so that entries won't have to be mailed in. Have a crafty week! Lynn

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Anonymous said...

You mentioned how to have people enter contests online and one way is to have them upload pics of their entry via Flickr. It's free to sign up with Yahoo! and also to join Flickr too. Most people have digital cameras nowadays, and computers. Just an idea....