Monday, August 4, 2008


I wanted to tell craft club newsletter readers about this book
(see blog photo) in the next newsletter, but it doesn't have an English title so I didn't know what to call it. It is such a good jewelry book despite being all in Japanese that I decided to photograph the cover so you could find it at Ben Franklin Crafts. (The books from Japan come in bulk so you'll have to hunt for this one.) I found this book appealing because of the very feminine look of the jewelry and the unique color palette used by the Japanese designers. Many of the beaded projects include pearls and all of the projects have ample illustrations (with cm measurements) so an intermediate level beader should have no problem creating similar pieces.

Today I decided to 'play' with my new Hero Arts Clear Design sets (with Asian designs) and a Dreamweaver stencil (Japanesse girl with 'Arigato' word). I wanted to see if the Clear Design rubber stamps would be able to stamp through the stencil. Most rubber stamps with wood handles have rubber that is too hard to print clearly through the stencil. Because the Clear Design stamps are soft and flexible they worked well with the thin Dreamweaver stencil. I didn't like the color choices I made on my first attempt with this technique, but I will work more tomorrow and show you the results in my next blog post.

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