Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Progression of 'Arigato' Card

As I mentioned previously, I was playing with my new Dreamweaver 'Arigato' stencil when I realized that I could stamp Clear Design stamps right over the kimono to add a print. Normally, rubber stamps don't register clearly because of the thickness of the stencil, but the Clear Design stamps are soft enough to press into the stencil openings. I use a stencil brush to pounce Versa Magic ink into the stencil design before stamping. Use a light touch so that the ink doesn't bleed under the stencil. (Pigment ink is thicker than dye based so it works better). Most crafters stencil on paper with chalk but that requires an additional step of spraying a fixative. I posted the progression of this card so you could see the (left to right) changes I made as I searched for a color scheme I liked. I thought the third one had the best Asian look which complimented both the stencil design and Clear Design stamps (Asian border). A pop dot under the fan adds dimension and you could also impress the stencil design for more depth. Oh, the suitcase mini scrapbook instructions are done and should be posted tomorrow. "Arigato"(thank you) for reading this blog.

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of rubber stamping through the stencil. I assume that the clear stamp should be used before it is affixed to an acrylic piece. It is the only way I can imagine it being soft enough to manipulate it.
I absolutely love your blog ... keep up the good work!