Thursday, March 18, 2021

Bunny Hugs Card

Here is the second card in my series of Easter-ish cards.  Again I used a Whimsy slimline forest background card stock.  I kept this card simple with just a single Whimsy fussy cut image and words from the stamp set.  I originally stamped the words on the card stock but it was a little slick so the heat embossed words ended up not as crisp as I wanted them to be so I simply stamped them on a dark green paper scrap before adhering to the card.  Voila! Easy peasy and the card was done!

Although it is a bit hard to see, the card base has double slits through which a plain card stock  rectangle can be slipped and used to write a heartfelt message.  The decorated front of the card is attached to the card base so that the message card can be written on and reinserted easily.  If the card recipient is someone who would not save your handmade card, he/she can read and remove the message card and replace it with another message card.  This way your card can be recycled.  In fact, you might want to be thoughtful and include a blank message card for the recipient.  This would be crafty recycling.  Wouldn't it be amazing if your card made a trip around the world of friendships?




scrapnhawaii said...

Lynn: Your background scenes are just wonderful!!!!! I also appreciate the information on the slits on the card base. This is a great idea. Does the card base come like this or did you add it? Anyway, just another great Spring Card!! Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Just in case others want to know my answer...yes, the Making Memories cards did have the double slits cut in them. I don't think the boxed cards are available anymore but you could probably cut the slits yourself in the bottom slim card that is larger than the top one.

yyam said...

Another winner of a card! LOVE this!