Friday, October 29, 2021

While searching for some decorative white, silver and gold papers for a wedding card, I accidentally came across a Japanese sample card which I used as a template to make this card.  It was a really simple design so I was able to trace the original card and fold up this rather elegant copy to which I added a sticker from my ancient sticker stash.
When opened, the card looks like this. The foil looks orangey because of the reflection of the camera flash.
When the front flap is further opened, it reveals a space for writing a message. I glued on some lightly lined vellum paper because the surface of the crinkled card is too lumpy for handwriting.

Because Japanese cards are generally sized differently from American ones, I had to create my own custom envelope. I chose gold vellum paper and I think it makes the card look very classy....perfect for a wedding card.
Here is what the original sample card looked like when I found it in a bag of paper scraps sold in a Japanese paper store for 200 yen.  I am usually happy as a pack rat with whatever I discover in the mystery paper packs, but finding this sample was a bonus.  For this first card I simply traced around the sample, marked the folds and presto the card was done!
For future cards I think I will make a card stock template to make tracing easier.  Also I will look through some of my origami folding books to see if I can find measurements for making this card easier to construct.  I do believe that there is a simpler way to construct this card.  I will work on this idea after the holiday season.  I think that this basic card will make lovely, easy birthday, sympathy, etc. cards using printed and solid origami paper.  Okay, still time for one more Halloooweeen project!


eunice said...

Wow, that's a really cool fancy fold card. You should create a template for it and share as a tutorial!

yyam said...

Those folds look very cool!

Annette Allen said...

love the folding and the gold and red are just gorgeous.. lovely cards