Monday, October 25, 2021

The 'Rabid' Squirrel Card

This card was inspired by a 'rabid' squirrel that we encountered while visiting my son in Boston.  This sweet little squirrel somehow got into the 'catio' (cat patio) built by my daughter in law.  I heard my DIL scream and then slam the window shut...boy she was fast...I only stood there in shock.  Once the squirrel was trapped in the cat patio it was clueless as how to escape. It went crazy running in circles as the cats watched from the other side of the window. In a brilliant solution my DIL figured out how the squirrel got in to the catio and put some bird seed on the outside of the gap. It worked!  The squirrel 'figured out' how to get out of the trap and I'm sure he'll never return.  I'm pretty sure the squirrel wasn't 'rabid' just a little 'nutty'!
I thought that making a shaker card would b appropriate because the squirrel and all of us were pretty shaken up. (This might have been the excitement of the trip!)  The ring of leaves was cut with the Lawn Fawn die from some dyed, water colored, and gold ink splattered watercolor paper.  Using the appropriate sized circle Spellbinders die a simple shaker element was created.
I put some tiny leaf confetti in with the crazy squirrel to emphasize the spinning motion.
I love the Lawn Fawn squirrel set not only because it's so cute but because my grandson's favorite toy is his squirrel (for security reasons he has six of them).  I'm sure there will be many more 'squirrely' craft projects in my future. Go 'nuts' crafting this autumn!



eunice said...

First, the catio built by your daughter in law is quite amazing! And second, your squirrely shaker card is pretty cute and amazing too! I'm certain your fun card will bring a smile to her heart and be kept as a special keepsake memoir of your visit with them.

yyam said...

Looks really cute. :)

P/s: That must have been an "interesting" experience. Glad the issue was resolved. :)