Friday, January 14, 2022

Chocolate, Cranberry, Ginger, Pecan Cookies

Okay, this recipe used up the last of my giant bag of fresh cranberries.  Were you getting tired of seeing cranberries in every one of my baking posts?  This last tasty cookie is the best use of the cranberries.  They turned out fabulous!  The variety of added ingredients really blended well together and the texture is perfect....crispy AND chewy. I wish I could say I created this recipe but I found it on Martha Stewart's site as 'Sparkling Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies'. Usually, I tweak recipes I find; this time I substituted whole wheat flour for the all purpose, used iodized salt instead of fine Kosher salt and replaced the 'sparkling sugar' with coarse Hawaiian sugar because I wasn't sure what 'sparkling sugar' was.  These cookies are really large so the recipe only makes about 18 cookies.  I think if you make smaller ones each cookie may not have the variety of  ingredients and if you put more cranberries or chocolate in the cookie dough, it may not hold together.  Anyway, who would complain to receive  a few gigantic, delicious cookies?



Annette Allen said...

yummy cookies.... those look so tasty..

yyam said...

Yummy! :)