Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Flower Petal Stenciled Card

Like the cards in the previous post, these were made by first making a background using Distress Oxide Inks (available at HM BFC) and then stenciling the petal design using a TCW stencil and Brilliance Inks.  As you can see, even though the cards were made in the same way with the same inks and dyes, the look varies even as you just tilt the card.  I love the changing colors and iridescence.  Sorry that you can't read the words on the second photo but when the card is tilted the other way you can.

I hope you'll check out the fabulous stencils sold at HM Ben Franklin Crafts and give the new stencil brush a try.  It will make you a stenciling maniac like me....LOL!

Oops!  I have the wrong stencil in this photo....too lazy to retake it...sorry.

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