Monday, November 23, 2009

Cool Jewels for the Ice Princess

When I saw these Beyond Beautiful beads at Ben Franklin Crafts I knew I had to make some winter wonder jewelry. The large beads on the necklace are foil lined faceted plastic so they sparkle like glass but are not heavy. The other beads used for this party glam-girl necklace are silver glass pearls, faceted clear glass rondelles, and faceted silver fire polished beads. The complete instructions and supply list for the necklace will appear on our craft club website ( I decided that the necklace needed a coordinating bracelet so I selected a strand of Beyond Beautiful beads. This strand happened to be made up of beads wired together (unlike most of the other strands which are strung on monofilament) so making the bracelet was a snap. I just added a clasp and it was done! I think this set will be perfect to wear to holiday gatherings. To me it has a vintage 60's feel to it.....where are my gloves and lucite purse?

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