Monday, November 9, 2009

Mini Autumn Album

This is not a very good photo of the mini album but it really is quite attractive .....if I do say so myself...LOL! The directions for this project are on our website ( Because we don't have a fall season in Hawaii, I always envy those who see the beauty of autumn leaves in their yard, except when I think of the raking. I guess I should be happy to be able to purchase beautiful artificial fall folliage from Ben Franklin Crafts. In this photo you can see two examples of leaf picks and wired leaves available at the store. Click on the photo to enlarge it. I had the coil of wired leaves on my craft table and it inspired me to make the cover of the mini album. These days I am too lazy to make a whole large sized album but I do want to freeze some memories in time. This year for the first time in ages (since he went off to college) my older son will be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. Now that is definitely a reason to take millions pictures, so I made an expandable (yet mini) album. If I decide I need to do some journaling, I'll put some pockets on a few pages to hold my words. Don't let the holiday season pass without at least a mini collection of memories.

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