Friday, November 13, 2009

Napkin Ring

I'm sorry if I sounded like a grumpasaurus on my last post. Thanks Kris for your humor and sympathy. Thanks for volunteering to bring the COOKED turkey, 18 pumpkin pies, and a decorated Xmas tree! LOL ! I guess I was in a pity-me-mood because I had just injured my foot. I was carrying a box of Christmas rubber stamps and looking at the stamps . I should have been looking at where I was walking because I tripped over my floor fan. I didn't think I was hurt but later my foot started getting red and now it is bruised. Today the little toe is swollen so it doesn't bend but amazingly there is no pain. Anyway, all you crafters out there please don't be so engrossed in looking at your stuff that you forget to watch where you're going. Slow down and avoid injuries

The photo shows a quickie napkin ring made with a disassembled autumn pick glued onto a ribbon that is tied around the napkin. The utensils don't look like the normal ones because they are from my collection of antique oddities. The three pronged fork is a lemon fork (I originally thought it was an olive fork). The knife is an engraved fish knife and the spoon is probably for nuts (or possibly a spoon for something that needs to be drained because the spoon has holes). I do believe all of these utensils are from the Victorian era (1890-1920) because it was a time when there were separate utensils for serving or eating every single food item. I find it interesting and challenging to discover strange silverware and learn their usage. With the BIG feast coming up I need to start polishing and find recipes that allow me to use all the wacky utensils I've collected.

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kris said...

hehehe!!! we still love you Lynn! even with your grumpiness... LOL, just kidding, you didn't seem grumpy at all... but some sense of humor always cheers me up... =D LOVE the napkin ring holder with those BEAUTIFUL utensils... i adore the knife... okay, so i'm bringing some turkey slices, 18 slices of pumpkin pie and potatoes (not mashed) LOL... Have a fabulous weekend sweetie! hugs, Kris