Sunday, July 24, 2022

Resin Shell and Gemstone Decorated Jars

After buying lovely wood topped glass jars from Daiso, I had the brilliant idea to decorate them using quick setting LED resin (sold at HM Ben Franklin Crafts).  Since I had shells (purchased at HM BFC) and crystals in my collections of natural small objects, I decided to start my creations with those items.
It was easy to arrange the shells on the wood top and apply the resin around them.  A quick exposure to the LED light hardened the resin instantly, securing the shells in place.
Recently, a friend gave me some shell chocolates (with candy coatings like M&Ms) and I thought they would look amazing (and tempting) in this shell topped jar.
For the second jar I decided to use the resin to attach some crystals ( flourite and amethyst) to the jar top.
The flourite crystals look almost like rock candy but you will surely break a tooth if you try to chomp on one.  I think this jar will look splendid on a display shelf.  I am so pleased with these resined wood topped glass jars that I am already planning more...perhaps some with acorns or tumbled stones.  Because the jars at Daiso are only $1.50, you should buy a bunch when you see them and then decide later what to do with them.  I wish I had hoarded more....hahaha!


Anonymous said...

First what is good to clean or shine seashells that was pick from ocean

Lynn said...

This is an answer to the above 'Anonymous' question. I didn't gather the shells myself. They were purchased from HM Ben Franklin Crafts. Usually if shells are not uninhabited for very long they will still be shiny. Perhaps weathered shells can be buffed shiny again with rock polishing equipment.