Friday, July 8, 2022

Vintage Look Gift Bag

Whenever I'm asked if I'd like a bag for my purchases, I ask to see the bag.  If it's a plain sturdy bag with good handles, I always say yes!  This bag had no printing on it and ribbon handles that were detachable. (Decorating is so much easier if I don't have to deal with the handles.) Recently, I purchased from Daiso (for only $1.50 each ) packets of Decoupage printed tissue paper. Each packet had several large sheets of lovely decorated tissue paper which when applied to the bag with decoupage liquid adhesive seems to become part of the bag paper. I applied the liquid to the bag, applied the tissue and then applied more adhesive liquid over the tissue. I purchased my decoupage liquid adhesive from Japan but I think HM Ben Franklin Crafts sells it too, and watered down white glue or Modge Podge should work too.
After the bag was dry, I trimmed off the excess tissue from the bag.  I applied more adhesive to the edges of the bag where the tissue was loose. I 'discovered' a whole container of postal tags in a drawer...score! I stamped postal words on the front and back and added a Tim Holtz heart trinket and tied it to the bag handle. I don't think I got the tea drinking lady large stamp or the tea themed masking tape from Japan, but they did have Asian writing on the packaging so maybe I did. LOL!
To finish off the bag I decorated the back too with the same tissue and added a sticker and masking tape to cover up the images I didn't like. A final addition of striped ribbon pulled the whole bag together.  I think this 'new' bag will make an impressive presentation of a vintage tea cup, some good quality tea and perhaps a tea strainer. Oh, maybe I should include some tea cookies!


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eunice said...

Another stunning tote bag decorating project! This one looks great with the decoupaged tissue, and I love the addition of the postal tags from your "magic ephemera drawer" together with the stamped images. A beautiful way to present your gift to a special friend!