Monday, March 13, 2023

Tangerine Loaf Cake

 This year our tangerine tree was very prolific. It was getting boring eating tangerines everyday so I wanted to create a recipe that would use up as many fruit as possible.  I started with a citrus cake recipe and altered it a bit.  The result was a lovely textured, moist cake with a slight tangerine taste.  The odd looking fruit slices are dried blood orange pieces that a neighbor gave me.  They look unappetizing but taste great.  Next time I'll use regular dried orange slices or leave them off completely. I baked the loaf in a paper loaf pan that comes in a pack of three for $1.75 from Daiso.  The baked loaf cake comes out easily without having to oil the paper and you can just give the loaf as is. This recipe makes two delicious loaves. I will write up the altered recipe for you if you send me your email address.  (Warning: Tangerines have a lot of seeds so it will take a bit of time to seed and pulverize 2 cups of tangerine pulp.)



Anonymous said...

The Tangerine Loaf Cake sounds interesting 😋. I would love to have the recipe. Thank you,

Lynn said...

I would love to give you the recipe but you forgot to leave your email address. Unless, you are Karen and then I do have your email address and will send you the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, my email address is jhanatani